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The manage sim access section is where you can manage users, groups, and sims - along with how they interact with each other.

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The users tab will allow you to view all the registered users under your account. Anyone that has ever accessed one of your sims will show here, along with some useful information about their account, the sign up date, and groups they are in.

The permissions column allows you to view the sims that each user currently has access to.

Lastly, you can edit the users details, or deactivate their account respectively with the pen and lock icons, respectively, on the far right.

You can add a new user manually here too. This allows you to set up a user with a email/username and password (along with other details), so they can log in with your supplied credentials.

Inviting users by email allows you to input their email, add a subject line and message, then that users email will get a one time sign in link to become a user to your account.

Creating multiple users allows you to download a template user spreadsheet that you can fill out and upload with the correct info to quickly create many users at once.

Please note that any user invited this way won't be added to any sims or groups (unless specifically defined when creating them) by default. Add them to a group, share a sim directly once you have created their account.

Groups of users

Groups of users can be set up to easily share to or manage multiple users at once. Firstly, we must create a group before we can add any users or sims to it.

Once added, you can click into the group and change the different group options available.

From the left, we have the names and emails of the users that are already in the group. The notify checkbox allows us to set whether or not the designated reporter for this group. You can add users to the group by clicking the "Add users to group" button and remove then with the red cross. When you invite a new user, an email will be sent to that email address register an account, but existing users will not get an email.

On the right side, we have the sims that this group has access to. You'll notice that you can also add "folders of sims" too, we'll get to that later in this help page. You can add a sim to this group by typing it's name into the search box and selecting the one you'd like.

Next, for each sim, you can check the permission(s) that the users of this group can have.

The notify button at the top right allows you to set an email address of the person who will receive emails each time one of these sims are completed in test mode.


The sims tab is where all your sims in your account will be displayed, along with easy access to managing them.

It displays how many users and groups have access to that sim, and you can click onto each to get a list of which users they are. You can change permissions here too, or even add new users to this sim by typing their email address or username into the box.

Folders of sims

Folders of sims are great when you want to group sims so that you can add them to user groups quickly and easily.

Firstly, you must create a folder. The "Place to" allows you to place a folder in a folder as seen below with "Subfolder name 2"

Now you can add your sims into the folders, do this by typing the name in the search bar at the top right, and adding them one by one to the folder.

Now, we can easily share these two sims as a folder of sims in the user group sharing tab.

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