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If you wish to share your sims in a fast and easy way, using the groups feature is the best way to do it. This article will show you how.

Groups are great for separating your users for the purposes of reporting, distribution, and ease of invitation.

1. From the Dashboard, head into "Manage Access"

2. Hit the "Groups of Users" tab at the top


3. Create your first group, and name it.

4. Click into the group you've just created, and you'll see two main sections. Users on the left, and simulations on the right. (Yours will be empty at this stage, unlike the image below)


5. Start by adding the simulations to this group that you wish for this group to access. Hit "Add access to sims" at the top right, then click the search bar to see a list of your sims. Click the search bar again to add more sims.


6. Click save to add these simulations to the group. You can also change the permission levels for each sim within this group as well. By default, View is best for learners. Additional permissions are... Reporting gives reporting access to that specific sim. Assignor allows the user to share the sim onwards. Editor allows that user to edit the sim.

7. Once your selected sims are added to the group, go ahead and click "add users to group" on the left side.

8. Here we have 3 options:

  • Add Existing users

    • For adding users that have already been added to your account.

  • Invite new user(s)

    • For sending an email invite out to new users that don't exist in your account yet.

  • Invite via link.

    • A handy way to share this group out via a URL link. When a new or existing user clicks this link, they'll be prompted to sign in/up and then be automatically added into this group.

9. Once the users are added on the left, that's all that needs to be done! Those users will now have access to the sims on the right.

You can create as many groups as you'd like, and give the different groups a different access level to each sim. Ensure that at least the "view" permission is activated per sim, or else that sim will not show for the users in that group. A user or a sim can be a part of multiple groups.

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