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Sharing a sim via a URL link
Sharing a sim via a URL link
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SimTutor has the functionality to share a sim simply by using a link in the dashboard sharing menu or via a group. This can be used when your users may not have emails, or to a have clickable link on your website to get learners registered under your account and to take your training automatically.

Individual Simulation Sharing via Link

  1. Click the share button on your dashboard

  2. Ensure you have both the "viewer" and "Allow Viewer Sim link to be forwarded" checkboxes both checked.

  3. Copy the link at the bottom and give it to your learners however you wish. e.g. A private email.

Group Sharing via Link

  1. Head to "Manage Access -> Groups of Users" from your dashboard

  2. Ensure you have the desired account/sub-account selected

  3. Select the group you wish to share from or create a new one

  4. Click on "Add users to group"

  5. Head to the "Invite via Link" tab

  6. Enable the checkbox, and then copy the link and share it with your users

After clicking this link, the user will be taken to a sign up/log in place, and once registered or logged in, they will have the sim/group you shared added to their user account.

Note: As this allows anyone who has this link to create an account under your account. We advise that you are careful with the distribution of this link, otherwise, you may be paying for more users that you did not wish to register. You can always turn this link off once you have added your users.

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