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Before you share a sim - Checklist
Before you share a sim - Checklist
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Here are a few tips for what to do before you share a sim. Watch the video, or read the step by step descriptions below!

1. Publish Sim

As you can only share published sims, this is essential to do before sharing. The publish sim in the sim editor must be selected, and then you can "Publish a new version" each time you which to update the published version. The learner will always get the most recently published version.

2. Change Pass Score

In the Sim Properties and under the Learner Settings tab, you can set the pass score to any percentage you wish. This means the user must equal or get higher than the percentage score you set.

3. Choose Allowed Mode

In the same place in Sim Properties, you can choose which mode the learner will take this sim in. It is our suggestion to set either Learn, or Test, as having the learner choose between the two is not really optimal in most cases. Learn mode allows the user to navigate freely, and there will be helpful prompts guiding the learner to the correct answer. Test mode removes all these prompts and navigation, so it is more like you classic test learning module.

4. Save Learners Progress (Optional - Only for Test Mode Sims)

This setting makes it so the user can disconnect from their session and reconnect at the same place they left off. Whether they lose connection or close the window, they do not lose their progress on that test sim.

Share Sim

Now you are ready to share! There are many ways to share, but the easiest is from the SimTutor dashboard. Find your sim by scrolling down, then click the big corresponding share button. This will open a window where you can type your learners email address(s) (Multiple addresses can be separated by a comma), then set their permission. Having just view checked is what you are after if just sharing to learners, but you can give them more permissions if needed. Edit the subject line of the email, and write up a personalized message... Then hit share! You'll get a green confirmation box if all went well, and your learner will then receive an email with a link to take your sim.

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