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Here we will cover what is contained across the top of the header menu of the SimTutor editor, such as the "Add Step", "Sim Settings" or "Sim Properties"

Add Step

In this section, you can add all the steps available within SimTutor. For more info about each step type, check out our Step Type Overview


This is where you can preview your step in learn or test mode. This does not count towards reporting, and is purely a chance for you to see what the sim looks like for the user. This will always load/start from whatever step you have selected.

Viewing the steps in a grid view is a great way to see an overview of all your steps without having to use the planning tool. For linear sims, this is useful for rearranging the steps while maintaining the bigger picture.


Here you can upload your PowerPoint files and convert them into cover steps and automatically have them inserted into your Sim.

The "Media to Library" option is a shortcut to open the libraries upload pane. This will allow you to add your own media to your library. More about the library can be found on our library support page.

Sim Settings

Here is where you can customize your sim from a sim level, so any change you make here will apply to every step within your sim that hasn't already been specifically adjusted. Hitting the undo arrow sets it back to default.

Visual Settings

This section allows you to change certain visual aspects such as fonts and colors. Note: If you set the Sim settings background color for a step to blue, then change a specific step's background color to red, that specific step will remain red.

Learner Feedback Settings

This section is split into two sections...

The first allows you to turn the prompts the user gets on or off for if they get the step correct or not. Turning the correct prompts off removes the big tick the user gets when getting a step right, and turning incorrect prompts off removes the incorrect message that displays when the user answers the step wrongly.

The lower section is for customizing the incorrect messages and their popup box titles for different step types.

Scoreboard Settings

This section currently just allows you to round the score the learner gets or not. More features will be added here soon.

Navigation Settings

Here is where you can choose what the learner is able to see in the navigation bar when they take the module. The navigation bar is the section at the top of their sim that allows them to navigate between the steps in learn mode, or see their progress in either mode.


Check out our support page on Sim Properties coming soon! Please contact us if you have any questions/queries for the moment.

Publish (& Publish New Version)

Publishing a sim allows the sim to be shareable and takes a snapshot of your sim at that current moment in time. All learners will see that snapshot when they go to take the sim. You can publish a new version at any time to overwrite or create a new version, both of which updates that snapshot for the learner to the current moment. Ensure to publish a new version each time you wish your learners to see the most updated version of the sim.

Planning View

Check out our support page on the Planning Tool


Check out our support page on the Library

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