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What is a Quiz Step?

A Quiz Step is one of our interactive steps that may simply ask the learner a multi-choice question, but there is more to it than just that!

Some uses of the Quiz Step are as followed...

  • A simple one answer multi-choice question

  • A multiple correct answer multi-choice question

  • A dragable list of answers to be put in the correct order

  • Decision making scenarios - Giving the learner different options

  • A method for giving the learner the option to branch

How to create a Quiz Step (Basic Details)

  1. Click the "+ Add Step" Button.

  2. Click on "Quiz."

  3. Give your Quiz Step a name so that you can can distinguish the step in editor mode. This step name is not displayed to the learner - only for your reference. You must have a step name before you can add the step.

  4. (Optional) Upload an image for your Quiz Step. This might be something that gives the user some context, or simply a relevant looking image to improve aesthetics.

  5. Type in your question that you would like to ask your learner. Note the 250 character limit.

  6. Underneath that are some settings where you can change the function of your quiz step. See below sections for "Multiple correct answers" to learn more.
    You can also select to randomize the answers too. Unchecking this box will display the answers in the order you have written them.

  7. Type in a possible answer for the learner to choose from here. You can add as many possible answers as you'd like, just be sure to mark the correct answers with the checkbox on the left of each. If you have multiple checkboxes marked (multiple answers that are correct), the user can.
    The right side features our branching functionality. For more on this, look for our support pages on branching.

  8. Finally, choose the position that your question and answers will show on the screen. Then, click add.

The Quiz Step (Advanced Settings)

Separate Audio

You can upload a .mp3 file to the Quiz Step that will begin playing once the step loads. This audio can be paused, fast forwarded, or rewinded by the learner. This can be very useful if you'd like to narrate the Quiz answer or questions.

Scoring Settings

You can set the score the user gets when they get this step correct. With SimTutor, the scoring works by giving them a maximum score (3 in this case) if they get the question right first time. For each incorrect guess they can get points taken away from this maximum score (1 point per incorrect guess in this case). For example, if I guessed incorrectly once, then got the question correct, I would get 3-1=2 points total.

Help Text/Image

When the learner answers a question wrong 3 times in a row, you have some options to assist them with answering that question. The text that you put in the "Help Text" text field will display to the learner, along with any image that you upload to that help image section.

Help text should give the user a way forward when they are stuck. Sometimes certain steps such as hotspots in order can be very hard to proceed with if you don't know the answer. In this example, giving the user a list of things to click on in order, will help them get through this step. Alternatively, you could upload a screenshot of that step, and label the points the learner needs to click on, and in what order.

Visual Settings

This is the area where you can change the colors featured within this specific step. These colors can be set using the color picker, or you can input a hexadecimal value to get the precise color you need.

The background color will change the area behind the background image (usually the far left and far right sections if using a widescreen monitor) to whichever color you wish. We recommend keeping this color pretty neural, as to not distract the learner from the more relevant image in the middle of the screen. Another good color to use if applicable, is the color of your background image. This works when you have a solid plain background for your background image, so the sides (background color) of the screen merge seamlessly with the background image.

The instructions font color changes the color of the font featured in the instructions box, whereas the background, to no ones surprise, changes the background color of said box. These two colors should have enough contrast so you can distinguish the text from the background.

The visibility of the step is for when you want to hide the step from the viewer, but not fully delete it. All navigation to and from this step will be disabled while hidden - it is effectively deleted except not permanent.

Lastly, making the instruction box transparent gives you to the option to have part of the background image that was behind the instructions box to show but in a low opacity.

Auto Fit Quiz Questions and Answers

This checkbox will change some visual settings for the quiz step to the learner, making the quiz question/answers use as much of the learners screen as possible. It helps with removing the scroll bar that sometimes appears when you have a lot of answer options.

Multiple Correct Answer Quizzes

By selecting the multiple correct answers checkbox, you will enforce that your learners select ALL the correct answers, then hit a submit button to pass the step.

Simply check all the answers you wish the user to select, and leaves the incorrect ones unchecked.

Multiple Correct Answer in order Quizzes

Having the in order option selected will add numbers to each of the correct answers. These numbers define the correct order the learner will need to drag and drop the answers. The incorrect answers will still show on the list of options for the learner, but won't have a place on the other side of the screen as they are incorrect.

This drag and drop functionality is great for procedural tasks, such as putting the steps of a procedure in the correct order.

Branching in Multiple Correct Answer Quiz

You'll notice a new branching option appear when either of these options are selected. Because of the complex nature of having multiple correct answers and the amount of possible outcomes that it could lead to, we have decided to simply the branching options to having a correct or incorrect branch. For the correct answer, the user can be taken down one path, and for all incorrect answers, no matter how close, they can go down another path. (Whether that be staying on the same step to try again, or to move them down an incorrect branch)

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