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How to Upload an Image or Video

1. Click on the "Library" tab to the right.

2. Click "Upload New."

3. Click "Browse for files" or drag media from your computer into the grey box. If uploading a video, ensure the video quality is set to your desired setting.

4. Select media you wish to upload from your computer and click "Open." You can also select multiple files and upload them all at once.

5. Once your file has uploaded, it will display beneath. You can access all your uploaded media by navigating to the "Library" tab.

Additional Details

Tags - Tags are used for the search feature within the library. Giving media a specific tag allows you to search for that same media using that tag. This is useful for generating search results for all media with that tag for quick access.

Renaming - You can rename your media by clicking the "Edit Properties" button when hovering over it in the library, then clicking the pen icon to the right of the media file's name.

Global - The global library is accessible throughout every sim you own. You can upload any bit of media to the global library by clicking "Copy to Global" when hovering over in your library. To use media from your global library, you will need to click "Copy to Library" first before you can use them within your sim.

Tools - See Hotspot help page for information on tools.

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