SimTutor Reporting Features

This article will guide you to review your learners' progress within SimTutor.

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Accessing Reports

  1. Log into your SimTutor account.

  2. On the Dashboard, click the Reports button:

  3. (Optional) Filter the data you wish to view. This affects all content on the page.

    1. Account: Display the data for that selected account/sub-account

    2. Groups: Select the group within the account of the data you wish to display.

    3. Mode: Choose to report on either Learn or Test mode simulations.

    4. Date range: Select the date range of the data to display.

Reporting Dashboard

Module Reports: Displays a list of your sims, and a summary of your trainee's progress in each.

Trainee Reports: Displays a list of your trainees, and their progress in each sim.

Data Extract: Allows you to export your trainees' data as a .csv file.

Account Tracker: Shows usage data on your account (only available for admins/account owners).

Hours spent: This graph shows data based on when your users are completing the simulations over the selected time period.

Lowest average score: Shows the sim with the lowest average score over the selected time period.

Activity tracker: Shows an up-to-date list of all recent simulation activity within your account.

Trainee progress list: Shows a list of your users, how many simulations they have yet to complete (pending), and how many they've completed. Also shows their latest simulation. Sort these items by clicking on the column titles at the top. The red circle next to a name means the user has simulations still to complete, and a green circle means they are finished (see Dylan Darcy at the bottom of the screenshot above).

Click on the dropdown arrow next to a user to view the simulations where they had the lowest and highest scores, and how much total time they've spent completing modules. For more details on that user, click on Trainee reports near the top of the page.

Module Reports

Module reports allows you to view a list of your modules, and a quick overview of learner progress data.

  • Invites: Number of users that have been given access to the simulation.

  • Pending: Number of users that have yet to accept the invitation, or start the sim.

  • In progress: Number of users that have started, but not finished the simulation.

  • Completed: Number of users that have completed the simulation.

  • Failed: Number of users that achieved less than the pass mark given for that simulation.

  • Passed: Number of users that achieved the pass mark given or higher for that simulation.

After clicking into a module using the down arrow, the Module steps tab will show each step in that module, and the overall success rate on each. This helps you identify which questions your learners are tripping up on the most. (Please note, ordering by “Step number” is only available for sims that have been taken by learners after April 2023.)

The Trainees tab for a given module shows a list of your learners who have accessed that module, with their results on that simulation including the attempts, their pass/fail rate, and their highest score.

Trainee Reports

Trainee reports allow you to see a list of all your learners with a summary on their progress. Clicking into a learner allows you to see more detailed information on the sims they have attempted or completed. Use the search bar at the top to find the user you wish to report on.

Invites: Number of sims the trainee has access to.

Pending: Number of sims the trainee has not started, but has access to.

In progress: Number sims the trainee has started, but not yet completed.

Completed: Number of sims the trainee has completed.

Failed: Number of sims the trainee has failed

Passed: Number of sims the trainee has passed

Data Extract

The data extract is used to find everything about your learners' results on all sims or a specific sim over the selected period of time. You can also filter by username and by group. It will produce a .csv file that will have the following information...

  • Username

  • First Name

  • Last name

  • Sim Name

  • Pass mark

  • Date taken

  • Learn/Test mode

  • Complete

  • Points Scored

  • Total points in SIm

  • Results for each step/question - did they get it correct the first time, or otherwise how many times the user got that question wrong.

Simply select the data you wish to report on by adjusting the filters, and select Run data extract. Ensure you've selected the correct account/sub-account from the top right dropdown too.

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