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Moving Sims & adding Users into a sub-account
Moving Sims & adding Users into a sub-account

Sub-accounts are great for separating users and their reporting data. This article will show you how to do move sims, and add users.

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Moving Sims into a sub-account

When a simulation is created in the master account, sometimes you wish this sim to be accessed by users within another sub-account.

  1. From the Dashboard, head to Manage Access

  2. On the sims tab, ensure that the account that you created your simulation in is selected at the top right

  3. On the simulation you want to appear in your sub-account(s), select the bottom icon on the simulation

  4. Now, simply check the sub-accounts you wish this simulation to appear on

Note: Changes made to this simulation in any sub-account or main account will reflect wherever this simulation may be accessed from. If you wish to have sub-account specific copies, duplicate the simulation first before linking it to the sub-account.

Adding Users to a sub-account

Adding users to a group or a simulation within a specific sub-account can be done the same way as you'd normally do it, expect you must ensure that the sub-account is selected at the top right before you add the user.

E.g. Users added here will be added into the "Benny @ SimTutor" account

Change the account using the drop-down to change what account/sub-account the user is added into. Adding users below will be added to "Benny sub #1"

Each sub-account has its own users, groups, and set of simulations.

For help in efficiently adding new users, check out our group sharing page below.

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