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Adding other Administrators/Creators (Authors) into your account
Adding other Administrators/Creators (Authors) into your account
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If you wish to add additional management staff to your SimTutor Author account, this can be done using the "Invite creators" button on your dashboard.


Firstly, select the account you wish to add these Admins/Creators into. This could be a subaccount, or leave it as is for it to be the main account you have access to.

The list of active Admins/Creators will also appear below your name, and you can edit permissions/remove these as needed here.


Adding new Admins/Creators

To add new Admins/Creators, simply type their email address into the main box. You can add multiple emails if you separate each with a comma. e.g. [email protected], [email protected]

Select whether you'd like these users to be an Admin (Have access to everything account-wide) or a Creator (Only have access to edit/create sims).

You may edit the invite emails subject line, and add a message within it too. These users will then be sent that invite email after clicking "Share"

Upgrading existing users into Admins/Creators

If a user already exists as a learner account within your account, you'll need to invite them here. Simply type in their email address, or search for them using the "user" icon button. Then, select a role type as mentioned in the previous section, then the share button!


All pending invites will appear at the bottom, and you can resend these invites, or remove them if needed.

If you encounter any issues with account sharing, please let us know at [email protected]

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