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Multiple Correct Hotspots Within the Same Image
Multiple Correct Hotspots Within the Same Image
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If you have an image such as the one below, where you wish the user to select multiple hotspots before proceeding (rather than the default of just selecting any one of the four below to proceed), you can set this up using the "Branches" button at the top right.


After clicking this button, you'll see a branches menu with all the hotspots you currently have on your current step. By default, the dropdown box next to each hotspot will be set as "Or" - meaning the user can select any one of those 4 hotspots to proceed.


Alternatively, changing these to and 'AND' means the user must select ALL of these hotspots in order to proceed.


This will also activate the "Branch Target" dropdown at the top, as when the 'AND' option is selected, there will only ever be one correct, or incorrect branch. (Rather than if 'OR' is selected, and each individual hotspot can branch to a different step)

If you wish the learner to select the hotspots in a particular order, you can organise them in groups instead. Add a new group by clicking on the button highlighted below, and click and drag the 6 dot icon on the left down into the 2nd group ('Order 2' by default)


Any incorrect hotspots will be displayed in the "Incorrect Branches" tab. Remember, incorrect hotspots only need to be created if you wish to branch the user off to a different step if that hotspot is selected.

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