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Integrating SimTutor Author into your LMS
Integrating SimTutor Author into your LMS
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There are two main ways you can integrate with an LMS - SCORM or LTI. These are two standards that allow you to link or export a simulation to sit inside your LMS, so that your learners can use single sign-on to access them.

Here is a summary of both. More information can be found within the buttons below each section.

LTI will allow you to integrate in a secure way using special keys unique to your account. Simulations will automatically update when a new version is published, and the extensive reporting data will also be sent back to SimTutor's Reporting pages. We recommend using LTI if you are unsure and your LMS supports either.

SCORM has two options, Online Linked, and Offline export. You can find more info about each here. Use this when your LMS isn't LTI compliant. We recommend Online Linked for most applications, as it gives you much more flexibility.

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