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Using PowerPoint with SimTutor
Using PowerPoint with SimTutor
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Microsoft PowerPoint is a useful app for generating, editing and saving images to use in SimTutor. It's is also a great place to annotate photos, or even create learning content from scratch. We have an easy PowerPoint file upload feature. Follow the steps below:

1. First, create your PowerPoint with any images/slides you'd like. This could be used as the structure of your simulation. (We will turn all these into steps within your Simulation after the file upload.)


2. Log in to SimTutor Author. In the Simulation editor, click on the 'Upload' > 'PowerPoint' button.


3. Drag and drop your saved PowerPoint file into this section.

4. You'll notice each of your slides turns into their own individual step within SimTutor and they default to the Cover Step-Type. For this example, and likely for your simulation too, you'll want to change most of these steps from being a "Cover Step". In this case, we want steps 2-5 to be Hotspot steps with those images. Head over to the Planning View (the button at the top right of the editor!) for this next step:


5. Once in Planning View, select all the steps you wish to change to a specific step-type; for example, you might have five steps that you want to make into Hotspot steps. To do this, hold your 'Control' key and select each step. Once you have all the relevant steps selected that you want to change to a certain type, use the dropdown to select the new step-type.
Note that some step-types (such as Planning, Video, Randomizer, and Image Sequence) will not be compatible with the existing media (as they require something different from a static image), so any media will be removed in that case.


6. Head back to the Authoring view and add the details for your hotspots or other interactivity:

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