Release Notes (14 March 2023)
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Features/ Improvements:

Module Reports

Our next iteration of the new reporting system is now live - including Module reports.

These can be accessed via the new reporting dashboard.

This new report page allows you to view everything from a simulation's/module's perspective. This includes invites, passes/fails, and how many people have yet to start. It's an upgrade from the old Sim Tracker from our old reporting pages.

Further detail is also now available, such as the Module Steps tab under each sim (click the green arrow to expand!). This allows you to see trends based on how well your users are doing on each step in your simulations.

The Trainees tab allows you to see all the users who have attempted the sim, how many times they've attempted, and what their highest score is.

The replacement for the old User tracker is in development, and should be with you shortly too!

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