Release Notes (17 November 2022)
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Features/ Improvements:

Reporting Dashboard BETA

We are very excited to announce that our Beta version of the new user reporting pages have just gone live, and we would love for you to try it out and give us feedback.

For now, we have just published the Dashboard, where you’ll be able to see quick information about your learners simulation progress, and an activity tracker which allows you to see live user progress, and delve deeper into how much time they are spending on simulations, and which are the easiest and hardest for them!

As this is still in Beta, we would like to preface all of this by saying that there are a few bugs that we are sorting out regarding the data/graphs on the left side of the dashboard. Also, we have yet to add the student report, and module/sim report which will be coming in a near future release. These reports will replace the existing reports, where you can track your learners at a more granular level.

Try it out for yourself! - https://reporting.simtutor.com/

Text Input Step:

  • Options to allow the text, border, and background color to all be changed

  • The text input box now looks the same, and is aligned to the exact location you set it, on all screen sizes, and even when you resize your screen or zoom in/out.

  • Added an option in the edit step page that allows the learner to submit their answer using the “Enter” key.

  • Removed the scroll bar that would appear when text was too large, or had multiple lines. All text will now remain on the single line within the text input box.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Auto-generated Hotspot Help images were occasionally misaligned

  • Improvements to accessibility options

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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