Randomizer Step
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This allows you to create a step which will present a randomized selection from a defined pool of current steps.

The randomize step behaves in the same way as any other step, as it is its own step and can be dragged anywhere in your sim. The difference is that is the step acts like a forwarding function, you give it a list of steps, and it will branch you to a random one from that selection.


To make this step, you should ensure that you have already created the steps you would like to randomize to, then choose these steps from the drop down within the editing screen of the step.

When this example randomize step is executed within the sim, it will randomly select either "Question 1" "Question 2" or "Question 3" as the next step. For the image above, the steps "Locking tool" "Turning power off" and "What should be done" are within the randomized pool.

After jumping to one of those random steps, the sim will run as normal.

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