Release Notes (9 February 2023)
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Features/ Improvements:

New Learner Dashboard!

We have given the learner dashboard a complete visual overhaul, affecting the "Learner view" for all accounts, specifically new learner accounts.

Above, is a screenshot of a new learner who has access to 3 simulations. As this user attempts or completes a simulation, the dashboard will update, separating that simulation from the "To complete" section and moving it to one of the other categories.

See below how this learner has completed the Site Induction simulation, and it has moved to the pass section, and each attempt is logged in the recent activity box at the top right. Notice how they attempted it twice - the first attempt with 88.89%, and the second with 100%

If there are more than 5 simulations for each section, these will also paginate.

If you, or your learners, have any feedback on the new Learner Dashboard, please let us know!

Authoring and Assignor View Dashboard

Added pagination to improve performance. 10 simulations will display on each page

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances accessing or logging out of https://reporting.simtutor.com/ would result in an error message being displayed

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