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The system doesn't recognize my username

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First of all - how do you normally access SIMTICS? Do you access SIMTICS assignments through your school's system, so your scores go back to your school grade book, or do you always go direct to the SIMTICS website to log in? Choose the relevant option below:

a) I use assignments set up in my school's system:
In this case, you do not have a username/password to log in at the SIMTICS site. You simply need to log in to your school's system and click on SIMTICS assignment links there. That is your official school account and ensures your SIMTICS work and the scores you achieve are automatically linked to your school grade book.

If you are not sure how to access SIMTICS assignments that way, you will need to contact your instructor or your school's helpdesk.

b) I always log in at the SIMTICS website and it has worked before:
If you have already accessed SIMTICS this way before, then nothing will have changed so you should be able to log in as normal. Make sure you are typing in your username correctly - and make sure there is no space before or after the text.

Also double-check that your password is correct when you enter it. Bear in mind that on most computer systems, including SIMTICS, passwords are "case sensitive", which means you need to type any uppercase or lowercase characters in the same way as you entered them when you created your password, e.g. "f" is treated as a different letter from "F". So take care that you are entering your password correctly, character by character, and again be sure that there is no space before or after the password text.

Note that you can click on the "eye" icon in the password field to view the password in clear text as you type it in. This makes it easier to check for accuracy. (Click the "eye" icon again to mask it.)

c) I need to log in at the SIMTICS website and this is my first time:

If our system isn't recognizing your email address as a valid username, it is likely that your school has only just requested an account for you and it hasn't been set up just yet - it normally takes up to two business days for our team to process new account requests. Alternately your school may not have sent in a request to us quite yet. In both those cases please be a little patient while that process takes place.

However if your instructor has specifically told you that your new account is ready for you and you are not able to log in because our system is not recognizing your email address, please contact us via the web chat icon at the bottom left corner of this page and we will check the status of your account for you.

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