The Text Input step is our newest step that allows you to set up a question where the user must type their answer in the specified box to complete. Click the button below to try one for yourself.

The example above shows it used in two scenarios, one within a software simulation example. The other is a general question type where the benefit is that the answer is not given via a list of possible answers such as it is with the Quiz Step.

Creating a Text Input Step

To create this step, add a Text Input step from the "Add Step" menu, and add a title and background image.

Type the question you'd like your learner to answer in the "Question" box.

Then, type out the exact answer you wish them to type. If there are multiple ways to answer the question - e.g. United States or US or, perhaps, U.S. you can account for this by ensuring that each is its own "Answer".

After adding the step from the previous screenshot, you can now position the "Text Area" like you would a Hotspot. Drag and resize this into the location you wish - in the example below, it has been moved to overlay the screenshots existing text field.

The user can then type the answer into the box, as seen below.

If you'd like to try this step out yourself, you can always try the interactive example using the button at the start of this article.

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