Release Notes (09 July 2020)
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  • User tracker and sim tracker are now much more optimized, decreasing their load times significantly

  • Dashboard share button is now disabled if that sim is not yet published

  • Sim pass marks can now be set to 0 score and saved successfully

  • If the end screen certificate has been turned off, clicking on the close button at the completion of a sim now correctly and more effectively attempts to close the tab

  • .PNG image formats are no longer compressed.


  • Fixed a rare issue where logging in with a username would result in an error

  • Test mode public sims now remain in test mode when shared

  • Fixed another IE11 video player issue

  • Fully downloadable SCORM packages now correctly show the correct name of the learner when taken in an external LMS

  • Fixed a major issue where admins of a sub account could see reporting data of other users in different sub accounts

  • Fixed issues with externally linking sims

  • Fixed issues with publishing sims

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