Release Notes (15 September 2020)
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Admins of two different SimTutor accounts can now successfully add/edit sub accounts different to their main one.

New login page! Go to app.simtutor.com without being logged in to see the new design.

Added a Copyright notice for SCORM exported sims.


Multiple video uploads into the library should now show better visual feedback when the videos are uploading

Fixed a few issue with External simulations branching throwing server errors.

Fixed an issue when cloning a 360 image step and then replacing that 360 image within with a regular image.

Fixed an issue when changing the color of a 360 picture swap swap area.

Fixed some UI elements when inviting users as creators/admins.

Fixed some UI elements when opening the multiple correct hotspots window and changing some branching options to external simulation.

Fixed an visual issue where invite emails were not properly displaying some text/logos

Fixed a critical issue when deleting the media used for a cover step's overlay image

Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented duplication 360 picture swap steps.

Fixed some Chrome related SCORM playback issues when played in a frame element.

Fixed a bug where sorting a field within the Sim Tracker would throw an error to the user, and also a very rare issue where the Sim tracker would just not load at all.

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