Release Notes (29 January 2021)
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New Features:

Hotspot branch and scoring customization

For hotspot steps, each branch now shows within a new "Branches" button at the top. The score for each branch can now be manually adjusted, or even have the scoring turned off. This is based off the "max points" for this step. The tool needed to achieve this branch is also shown.

Also, any branches that don't have a hotspot associated to them will now show up here with the option to draw the hotspot directly, or delete that branch.


Learner feedback at step level

Learner feedback was only available at a sim level in the sim properties. You can now adjust these settings at a step level to customize each step individually. This means each quiz/hotspot etc. step you have can have it's own incorrect message, rather than the default "Sorry, your answer is incorrect"


Data extract reports

Added the staff number field to the exportable "Data Extract" .csv reports

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Simulation Settings were not being saved in some scenarios

  • Fixed an issue where text would not wrap inside of textboxes on Hotspot Step types

  • Fixed an issue in Planning view where deleting a large number of steps would cause the application to crash

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