Release Notes (21 May 2021)
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Features/ Changes:

New Hotspot Branching Management

This change mainly affects multiple correct hotspots, and adds new functionality, visibility, and flexibility around them.

See the image below, for a regular multiple correct hotspot set up where the user must click on 4 of the 6 items of PPE. Since the user can click these PPE items in any order for this step, each hotspot is now held under a single group (order-less). Each of these have the "AND" option selected, opposed to "OR", as all of these 4 options must be selected.


In contrast, this step below is about pressing the buttons in the correct order. Each hotspot is held in a different group in ascending order. This means the user must click on the hotspot under group 1 first, and then group 2, and finally group 3.


In the button example above, imagine there were two buttons that turned the machine on that did the same thing. This new branching layout allows you to set an AND or OR state so they must choose one hotspot and/or another hotspot for that group, before moving to group 2.

The "Branch Target" at the top behaves the same way as the "multiple correct hotspot" menu used to work. When there are multiple correct hotspots (at least one "AND" or group), there can only be one correct branch at this stage

Incorrect branches/hotspots are also now stored in that separate tab. Again, these can only be active when there is a single correct answer.

Automatic Hotspot Help Images

We've added a new feature that allows you to automatically populate the hotspot help images, using the positions of the hotspots you've placed. This means when the user guesses the wrong answer in a hotspot image 3 times, a help image containing the background image of that step appears, plus the location of the blue hotspots you have placed in SimTutor Author.

Any custom hotspot help image uploaded into a hotspot step will take precedence.

This can be set per sim in the Sim Properties -> Learner Feedback Settings, or account wide in the same place in the "Account Settings".

Rotational Image Sequences

Some image sequences that required rotational movement, such as dials or rotations of objects, didn't work as cleanly as we'd like them to with the linear image sequence movements of the past. We now have a checkbox when you upload your sequence that allows you to add a rotational movement to scroll through the images. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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