Release Notes (27 July 2021)
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Planning Tool Updates

We've added a few new faster ways to create and edit simulations using the planning tool. The two changes made were...

  • The ability to allow the user to select multiple steps in the Planning Tool using the "Control" key and clicking multiple steps

  • A change where the step image is now retained if the step type is changed within the Planning Tool

This now means the workflow of uploading a PowerPoint is much more streamlined. After uploading your PPT, it will appear in your simulation as Cover steps. Head to the planning tool, and select all the relevant steps that you wish to change the step type of. Then, after selecting them all (using the control key), simply change the step types using the sidebar on the left. You can also use this method to delete multiple steps in one go, too.


Other Features/ Changes:

  • Added the ability to allow groups of Hotspots to be in any order in the Branches Menu

  • Changed the behavior of the Toolbox within the Hotspot step in the simulation playback. When a user selects the wrong tool they will now be displayed an error message rather than having to select the wrong tool then place it.

  • Added ability to integrate SimTutor with Microsoft Teams as an App. (Talk to the SimTutor team for more information!)

  • Added additional UX improvements for accessibility and usability

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