SimTutor supports exporting to SCORM, which allows you to run sims within your own learning environment or LMS (Learning Management System)

In the Sim editor for the sim you'd like to export to a SCORM file, click on Sim Properties at the top, then onto the SCORM tab.

Select the SCORM format you'd like to use. We can export to xAPI formats, but they have the same functionality as the other formats.


Then the method of SCORM you would like


Finally, select if you'd like the module to be in Learn Mode or Test Mode


This SCORM package will be downloaded as a .zip file (or, if SCORM package has been selected such as above, it will be emailed to you)

This .zip file can then be used within any SCORM compatible LMS system.

Our SCORM files return certain reporting elements back into your LMS automatically. These are: Which sim was taken, the pass/fail result, and the percentage score they received.

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